Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whoa...its been a minute. Over a year if were gonna be honest...In case you were wondering, ive been spending all my time on facebook...haha. Partially true. ive actually been producing my next album, "Soundtrack To Forever". Its 100% Dubstep and features Original works by me, Colabs with Tiki Taane, Optimus Gryme, David Dallas & PNC, Plus remixes of Spektrum, Isaac Aesili and Deva Mahal, and Boh Runga. I just got the master of the first single back thismorning from Stu State of Mind, Hes done a killer job and its sounding ridiculous. The first single is Myself and tiki taane, and is the title track of the album, Soundtrack to forever. Were performing it live next week @ the Coroglen show. Cant wait... Ill have artwork and clips from the album very soon. Big things happening in 2010. I got told off for not updating this page by the Dirty Management crew, so i shall be all up in it from here on in. Word.

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Jane said...

It went off man! When will the album be released??