Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show me the beatz - bulletproof blog part 2

Hey all...cheers for checking out my page...if you can forward the link to the blog page onto your homies if you get a chance that would be mighty cool...spread the knowledge and love n' all that!

anyways's the lowdown!

Last week my home boy Tiki Taane and I shot the green screen footage for the Bulletproof mindscape and tiki colab "Dark Times" which was dope. The video is going to be bad ass. b'lee dat! And will drop around late November. ill post it up so ya'll can get a sneak preview!

Ive been cracking away in the studio working on an EP. Look out for "Stranger "Danger" currently getting smashed by quite a few big namer's. I got a little side tracked with the addition of call of duty 4 on xbox live to the crib, but im back on the final track this week haha!!.

I also took a walk on the mellow side after i got back from japan and came up with a deep little roller called "Rising Sun" which I'm proud to say will feature vocals from the legendary MC Stamina. More news on that as it happens...and big shouts to my homie's Kentaro and Satoshi from Shibuya's hangover crew for showing me the time of my life! pics from the show can be found on my myspace and face book profile page.

Also, going up on in the next couple of days is a brand new remix for UK Band "Spektrum". A solid dacefloor remix of a little down tempo dumber called "Hot Steppa" which was has gotten major play from a bunch of dj's and producers home and abroard.This track will be available on Beatport very soon! updates to come!

last week i completed a remix for NZ Hip hop MC "David Dallas". A gangsta'd out drum n bass rendition of his new hit "GET OUT THE WAY". DefinItely worth a check on the bp myspace.

Also from the Dirty Records catalog: I'm about to embark on remix duty for P-MONEYS new hit "Everything Feat: Vince Harder" and PNC's killer "Who Better Than This". looking forward to that i tell ya!

If your in AK this friday, come check myself and twin cam in the Auckland University Quad for the bfm end of dayz day party...and saturday, Gisbourne headz will enjoy a solid dose of hip hop, dnb and scratching antics courtesy of P-money and Myself at Soho! labor weekend rollout yo!!!!! M*A*S*H*U*P

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh Gosh

Yes new to this blogging thing so please be gentle with me. besides my myspace ( this is where you all will be able to peep my latest tunes, remixes, tours and general day to day bulletproof linked with dirty managements blog site, so be sure to check out all the happenings of the dirty crew. Weve got another tour of dirty locked in for february which all the crew are really looking forward even undertaking some cheeky drum n bass remixes of pmoney, david dallas and pnc to tease all you hip hop heads over to the dark side. haha...

Anyways...welcome to my blog....make bookmark this shizness coz its where its at yo!